Ready to Take Up Salsa Dance Classes in Sydney?

Are you ready to become a salsa dancer?

Sign up for salsa dance classes at Salsa Sydney Academy.  Offering beginner or advanced classes, available in group sessions or one-on-one lessons.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Gain Fundamentals of Salsa Dance

My salsa dance classes are designed to give students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of salsa dance.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Health and
Fitness Benefits

Stay fit and healthy with salsa. As a full-body workout, nothing beats salsa dance as a form of aerobic exercise!

Salsa Sydney Academy

Have Fun with Salsa Dance

With a dose of socialisation and the thrill of honing new skills, salsa dance is the perfect way to keep life fun.

Range of Salsa Dance Classes

I offer a full range of salsa dance classes, from beginners’ groups for absolute newbies to more advanced workshops. There are also private lessons for more focussed one-on-one training.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Group Classes

Sign up for beginner group classes for your first experence into the world of dancing.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Private and
Personalised Coaching

Looking for private classes? Sign up for personalised coaching for one-on-on development.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Workshops for
Specialised Training

If you’re looking to push your salsa as far as it’ll go, sign up for our specialised workshops.

Growing Salsa Dance in Sydney

Salsa Sydney Academy is all about spreading the joy and passion of salsa dance in Sydney, helping individuals connect through dance.

As an experenced salsa dance instructor, I’ll take you step-by-step through the curriculum, until your muscle memory has you flying through a routine you wouldn’t have thought possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Salsa Sydney Academy

My Background in Salsa Dance

Having trained in several styles of dance since childhood, my interests were captivated when I discovered salsa. This movativated me to learn from international salsa artists and salsa dance schools in Europe.

Beyond that, I have a background in fitness, with a Certificate Level 3 and 4 in fitness as well as having worked as a formal personal trainer for 6 years.

Enough with words? Come visit the workshop and let the performance speak for itself!

Salsa Sydney Academy

As our devoted salsa dance community continues to grow, stop standing on the sidelines and come join our classes.

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