Beginners, Advanced and Private Salsa Dance Classes in Sydney

Salsa Sydney Academy is your one-stop-shop for everything salsa in Sydney, from first steps to advanced styling.

Salsa Sydney Academy

Salsa to Suit All Levels

Looking for your first experience into salsa dance classes? Browse the timetable and sign up for the beginner or introductory group classes, suitable for anyone new to salsa. There are no pre-requisites to sign up!

Or perhaps you’re already a salsa dancer, and you’re looking for a studio to advance your skills? Have a look at workshops for specific focus into salsa dance techniques, or get in touch about private dance classes to push your skills as far as they’ll go.

Timetable, Group Classes, Workshop and Private Coaching

Here at Salsa Sydney Academy, I teach three types of classes:
Timetable: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM, 7 days. Class duration: 1 Hour.

Classes Every Tuesday

Beginner Salsa: 6:30 pm
Intermediate Salsa: 7:30 pm
Advanced Salsa: TBA


TuesdaySalsa Beginners
Salsa Intermediate
Salsa Advanced

Group Classes

Beginner classes are aimed at beginners who are first dipping their toes into the world of salsa dance classes. Have a browse of the timetable for times and classes that suit you best.

Salsa Sydney Advert
Salsa Sydney Academy


Salsa workshops, help individuals focus on four fundamental elements of dance. These include body movement, spin technique, salsa shines, and musicality. If you’re already a competent salsa dancer and you’re looking to push yourself to an advanced level, get in touch about my workshops today.

Private Coaching

And finally, I also offer private classes for focussed one-on-one salsa dance classes. If you want the most advanced and fastest improvements to your salsa dance, the private dance classes are for you!

Salsa Sydney Academy
Salsa Sydney Academy

Get in touch about your range of options in timetable group classes, advanced workshops or private dance classes.

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